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So I came to Los Angeles to visit friends (and test the waters) and have a look around.

Last time I was here was in college with my choir. We were singing at the American Choral Directors Association national conference. We saw the Los Angeles opera presentation of Aida and a Schubert offering at the Disney Concert Hall

We ate at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles also California Pizza Kitchen both were off the chain delicious.

So last time, beautiful architecture, opera, singing pretty all over the city and outstanding foods. In fact here we are.


I’m standing in the middle somewhere with my mouth open like an idiot (what can I say, I’m kind of a nerd!!)

Right, you get the picture. Good clean fun, right?!

So this time LA went like this


I slept the whole plane ride in concluding in a rude awakening when we landed. I hooked up with this guy


whom I met on ship and he took me to soul music Monday at the Hotel Cafe


Now, I’ve heard rock and roll and I’ve heard blues. I spend a lot of time with it. My experience with small bands has been very guitar driven. The groove that was going on in this joint was all soul. Full horn section. Bass up in the mix and in full congress with the drum kit (who is apparently the player for the Jay Leno Show). Guitar. Vocals. Hammond B3 (that’s a sexy type of organ for the uninitiated). Aaaaaand auxiliary percussion of the Latin American and sometimes Afro-Cuban variety! Hotttt!!! This guy begged the band leader to let me sit in


but alas I was not allowed into paradise. I stood in my heels feeling the music claw at my chest from 11pm to 2am. I have never heard music like this. The crazy hot marching band quality mixed with that heavy funk sound and those breath taking rhythms?!!! They were also a jam band so the music rarely stopped. I felt dizzy. I’m sure I looked like a gawky groupie. I made eyes at the boys in the band. Then again how do you ignore a black man with a bleached blond Mohawk handling a bass guitar very rudely with a wrist ever so frozen with the flashy diamond jewlery? Also I was looking for band talk, all the little signals one player gives to another to let the others know where the song is going. The band was so together the signals were miniscule.

Alright, suffice to say that was badass.

Now this girl


we went to college together but she relocated to LA last year. She took me to these fine establishments for foods of epic deliciousnesses!!



That last one is apparently one of Matt Groening’s favorite places to eat. This happened there


Then….cause it’s not over yet….this happened


That’s right, we went to Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood.

We started out together in the all girls dorm on the campus of a small liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday we both spent literally hundreds of dollars on beautiful girls and liquor, namely whiskey.

Dear God was it ever fun!!!

We took glamor shots



She gave me a short tutorial on the care and feeding of fake eyelashes

End to end it was a great trip.
Also this happened


Good Golly Miss Molly…sho love to genuflect!

Good night everybody. I’m gonna sleep off the hangover!!!

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