Rome, Naples and Florence

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Pizza in the Holy City…that’s actually it’s own country.

So the cool thing about my life is that sometimes when I turn on a movie I grin and say to myself, “I’ve been there.”
I decided to watch Angels and Demons (cause why not Tom Hanks is awesome). And there’s a portion of this flick that takes place inside the Vatican and yeah, I went in there and looked around.

To be honest I was weirded out by the size. Being in a building that big, full of that many expensive and ancient things (I’m not talking about the Ye Holy Vatican Gift Shoppe, which is a real thing) makes a person feel small. I mean, I guess that’s the point of large religious monuments- in part- to make a person consider their own humanity.


Also the Sistine Chapel (which you are NOT allowed to take pictures inside)
was like three blocks away from St. Peter’s Square. So walk down, stand in line and pay the fee (15 euro) wind around and through this amazing museum (paintings, frescos, ceilings, furniture, rugs, tapestries, statuary) then you wind up inside the Sistine Chapel (literally packed in like sardines with the fellow tourist in front, beside and behind you) and then there’s this huge far away thing (cause the ceiling is pretty high) that people talk about but very few folks I know have seen.

Smells like human bodies: tourists and Italian Vatican Camera Police.

Now, I’m thinking about that scene between Robin Williams and Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting. And now so are you.

Right so that’s us (Chris, Simon and yours rudely) inside the Sistine Chapel.


After this me, Vasquez, Chris and Simon went for pizza just outside the holy city that’s technically it’s own country with his own police force and everything (not to be confused with the camera police, those guys don’t have guns…or command of the English language).

Verdict: Not as cool as Israel.

Hercules, Hercules, Herculaneum


In Naples we went to Herculaneum. It was also covered in ash during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Supposedly it’s cooler than Pompeii (and only 2 euro fifty via metro).

We (two cast members, two guitar players and a sound tech) walked around the ruins, taking pictures, making faces and talking about favorite recreational drugs and best New Years Eve parties.


Did you know that Herculaneum (also Pompeii) is a national park?! Think about that. American national parks have big ass trees and canyons. These people have thousand year old ruins in their national parks!! Radical.


Verdict: I’m tired of looking at churches and ruins. I want a two piece and a biscuit.

Jogging through culture

We were docked 3 hours from Firenze (Florence for us ‘Mericans!!) by train.

We (me and two boys from the casino) 20121209-124702.jpgcould have gone to Piza with two singers, a bass player and the third officer but we were rebels and I wanted to see David.

Ask me how long I spent in Florence?

45 minutes.

We got in. Got off the train. Queued up for the wrong church. Found a lingerie store. Asked the shopgirl. Walked and walked and walked. Found the statue (which is a copy of the original. The real guy is inside. But for the sake of my coolness pretend you don’t know that.). Took silly photos with the statuary. Then ran for almost 15 minutes straight to catch the train back to the ship.

If you don’t know me personally feel free to ask what’s wrong with running. If you do know me personally insert a string of sassy swear words and or colorful metaphors.

I don’t run. Running is what I was forced to do in middle school gym class. Me and my REI flip flops were jogging through culture: statuary, churches, street musicians, horse drawn carriages, MAC makeup stores, waffle stands and Europeans tourists who were happily (and slowly) milling about. 20121209-124438.jpg

Humiliating? Little bit. But I was being lapped by the casino guys, like by three blocks. Kay, more than a little humiliating but funny enough to blog about.

Verdict: Spend more than 45 minutes in Florence.

20121209-125903.jpg“That’s just my baby daddy!”

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